Sunday School / Small Group Ministry


                        Sunday School is the Church Organized!

Discipleship is at the heart of the Great Commission.  We believe the best way to accomplish genuine and authentic discipleship is in small groups.  Our small groups are age and life specific and we offer a wide variety of Sunday school/small groups to choose from.  These small groups are not limited to just Sunday mornings, but Sundays are the foundation of our meeting times.

Here is a complete list of Sunday school/small groups offered at New Haven:

 Nursery – Birth to 24 months

Toddlers – 2 & 3 yr olds

4 & 5 yr olds

1 & 2 Graders

3 – 5 Graders

Middle School – 6 – 8 Graders

High School – 9 – 12 Graders

College and Career

Adult Class 1 – Mixed adults

Adult Class 2 – Young marrieds & couples with school aged children

Ladies Class

Young Ladies Class

Men’s Class

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